Have a nightmare you'd like see come to life? Let us create any themed custom facade for your attraction or escape room entrance imaginable!

First impressions are everything at your haunted attraction. Raise your guest's anxiety and WOW them with custom built facade entrances themed around the nightmare you've created!

A variety of set pieces and full attraction design services are also available. Feel free to give us a call and have a brainstorming chat if you have a custom project in mind!



Draw your guests into the complete unknown with this grand sewer tunnel entrance! Perfect for any paranormal or underworld themed attraction where on the surface it seems to be nothing more than an abandoned building...All lighting, faux controls, accessories, (2) fans and (2) fog machines w/timers are included! Fog blasts shoot from upper rotted pipes and entrance floor level!

Dimensions: 20' L x 10' H (Class-A fire proofed)

Retail: $5,400.00
Show Price: $4,900.00



Wow your guests with this forbidden temple perfect for your haunt or escape room jungle theme! Deep in the heart of the jungle, do you dare enter? Includes faux fire lighting, water feature and glowing LED door "eyes"

Dimensions: 12' L x 12' H (Wood construction with custom carved hard coated foam, Class-A fire proofed)

Retail: $4,300.00
Show Price: $3,900.00

Need a scaled down version? 12' L x 8' H is perfect for escape room entrances! (see picture below without top section): $3,300.00




Fully animated facade to your attraction or escape room includes all lighting & controller for various FX, accessories and fog machine blast. Perfect for any post-apocalyptic, biohazard, zombie or military theme!

Dimensions: 20' L x 12' H (Class-A fire proofed)

Retail: $4,900.00
Show Price: $4,400.00




Classic "sinking illusion" greyscale paranormal house perfect for smaller attractions or escape room entrances! Decayed and distressed wood everywhere you look, includes front door light and controller. Can be ordered in any color you'd like!

Dimensions: 12' L x 12' H (Class-A fire proofed)

Retail: $3,900.00
Show Price: $3,400.00



Fully animated entrance to your attraction includes (power failure upper cage lights, lower door controls, and fog blast out of upper fan & pipes). Fits many themes: zombie, apocalyptic, fallout, slaughterhouse, factory etc!

Dimensions: 16' W (10' H left side, 12' H right side, Class-A fire applied)

Retail: $3,500.00
Show Price: $3,100.00

Can be customized larger dimensions, inverted entrance, more upper/lower windows, etc.



Mine Shaft - Underworld Wall Panels

Retail: $360.00
Show Price: $325.00

Special rubberized top coat is soft to the touch and extremely durable without the worry of your guests rubbing against rough rocks! Can be customized with abstract wall cutouts, mine cart passageway, more aged wood/decor, etc. Class-A Fire Proofed & available in many wall panel sizes.




Retail: $250.00
Show Price: $225.00

Rock hard durability, but harmless smooth to the touch for your guests! Hard spray foam creating hyperrealism for a more natural earth/muddy look - perfect for caves, tight passageways, bulges in walls allow guest to feel their way through dimly lit or pitch black areas of your attraction! Also looks great sprayed white for snow/ice caves - Add a little prop blood and you've got an awesome addition to your Xmas haunted attraction!



Make your guests cringe with disgusting tile wall panels to complete your bathroom or shower scene...crumbling tiles, distressed grimy walls and fecal matter splattered everywhere. Add blood to really gross them out!

Retail: $225.00
Show Price: $200.00



Finally, lightweight, durable & realistic rocks/boulders for your attraction! Each boulder is custom formed out of dense foam giving it a very realistic look and feel while only weighing less than or equal to 10 pounds!

Available in many different natural rock color formations.

Boulders (small)

Retail: $100.00

Boulders (large)

Retail: $125.00



Nothing says home sweet home like being behind bars! Add these distressed, peeling prison wall panels to your scene for instant realism fitting any post apocalyptic, run down survival site. Add more gore, blood, and brain splatter to better suit your undead theme. 4' x 8' panels Class-A Fire Proofed. Prison panels available in many different versions and color combinations!

Prison Wall Panel

Retail: $150.00
Show Price: $125.00



Attention Xmas Haunts! Looking to upgrade your attraction's entrance? Burning gingerbread house includes TV monitor & burning flame FX (Add a fog machine with holiday spice or peppermint scent additive to really impress your guests!)

Retail: $895.00
Show Price: $795.00

We're currently working on several custom themed sets and facades. Contact us today if you have a nightmare you'd like to see come to life!